Rubi, an advance to Guardiola

In 2001 it broke into Third Division with an ultra-offensive bet in the modest Vilassar de Mar The Girona rescued him five years ago, when he was about to throw the towel Josep Guardiola will go down in history as the coach who changed the conception of football . But six years before the one of Santpedor considered the possibility of being a trainer, a modest exjugador, to the control of the modest equipment of his native locality, burst with a very similar bet. Rubi took the reins of Vilassar de Mar, team in which he was formed and in which he hung his boots, in the Third Division

Rubi surprised with an ultra-offensive bet in a football used to the 'catenaccio' and the patadón . A bet that later moved to L'Hospitalet and Sabadell and that served to promote the subsidiary of Espanyol to Second Division B. Perico of heart,  Rubi spent three seasons in the second blue and white team . It was a bet of future for the first team, but a bad season and one of the usual structural changes in the club perico ended hastily to his stage at Espanyol. Rubi was about to throw in the towel after going through the Eivissa, which raised an ambitious project without a base, and the Benidorm . He spent two years in white  until the Girona rescued him from oblivion. First, as a scout and analyst, then as an assistant to Josu Uribe and Javier Salamero, and finally as the maximum responsible.Bet on your favourite team with the best sbosoccerpicks on the market.

Rubi took the rojiblanco box to play off promotion to the First Division  with an offensive football and although he stayed on the road to success, after being eliminated by Almeria, he caught the attention of the elite of the benches. Among them, Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova. So much so, that  both struggled to include it in their coaching staff . Guardiola, for the project that started at Bayern, and Vilanova, for his club. He opted for the club, which offered the prospect of becoming the first coach. Things went wrong with the tragic illness of Tito and with the bet of the club by Tata Martino. Rubi was relegated to the background and  at the end of his contract he had to start from scratch .

His time at Barcelona allowed him to meet again with  Jaume Torras, with whom he went on to form a tandem that is already inseparable . With the exporter he began taking  Valladolid to promotion to the First Division . It fell before the UD Las Palmas, but it entered the agenda of the clubs of the highest category.  The Levant and Sporting claimed him  mid-season to try to save, as a replacement for Lucas Alcaraz and Abelardo, respectively, but did not achieve the goal. This season the thorn has been promoted to Huesca to First Division for the first time in its history .